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marzio del testa

musician | sound artist



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Marzio Del Testa

is an Italian drummer, percussionist and sound artist specialized in tribal/electronic experimental live soundscapes and original soundtracks.

Produce and record all of original material for theatre, documentary and fashion.

Has worked for many years with Record Label Materiali Sonori releasing various album as solo projects and as a drummer for Italian artists.

To create your minimal and noise sounds uses both percussion instruments, industrial waste and electronics.

portfolio sound artist
_ I Pescecani / Compagnia della Fortezza DVD_ Mauro Staccioli Luoghi d'esperienza / Duccio Benvenuti / GenerazioniArte DVD_ Senza Padrone / Cantierranti / Materiali Sonori DVD_ Alabastrai / Distillerie DVD_ La bicicletta di Bashir / Gianni Calastri / Hidden Theatre LIVE_ Le parole lievi / Compagnia della Fortezza LIVE_ Beatitudo / Compagnia della Fortezza LIVE_ In mezzo alle cose / Maddalena Rossi / Dida BOOK+_ Rumorebianco / Distillerie / Materiali Sonori LIVE_ Noiseaddiction / Secret Florence / Musicus Concentus LIVE_ Noisaddiction Pt.1 - Pt.2 / Experimental Suite DIGITAL D_Tri / Quartieretamburi / AMAdiskjack / audiotape_noisad / CinematicDustSounds/ AMAdiskjack / audiotape


portfolio drummer
_ Disincanto / Ginevra Di Marco CD_ Stazioni lunari prende terra a.../ Ginevra Di Marco CD_ Donna Ginevra / Ginevra Di Marco CD_ La Rubia canta... / Ginevra Di Marco CD_ Sguardo contemporaneo / Bugo CD_ La lunga notte / Cisco CD_ Il Mulo / Cisco CD_ Capodiavolo / Alessandro Benvenuti BOOK/CD_ Sabary / Yacouba Dembelè e Djeli Kan CD_ Alabastro euforico / Arlo Bigazzi e Quartetto Euforia CD_ Fuori dal pozzo / Enrico Fink CD_ Sangue e cenere / Gang CD_ QT / Quartiere Tamburi e Nicola Pecorini DVD_ Losna / Quartiere Tamburi e Arlo Bigazzi CD_ ERT / Quartiere Tamburi CD_ Etranger / Quartiere Tamburi CD_ Matra / Quartiere Tamburi DIGITAL D



Marzio Del Testa (Volterra, May 15 1975) is an Italian drummer, percussionist and composer specialized in world music and electronic experimental soundscapes.

He starts his career working with the Tuscan trio Ceramiche Lineari and director Armando Punzo’s Compagnia della Fortezza in the play Sharks, or whatever is left of Bertold Brecht. He goes on to collaborate with singer Ginevra Di Marco, former lead and backing vocalist for bands CSI and PGR, recording albums"Disincanto, "Stazioni Lunari prende terra a Puerto Libre and Donna Ginevra with her and following her on tour. He also takes part in the live project Stazioni Lunari created by Francesco Magnelli where he has the opportunity to accompany a number of singers and musicians live in concert, including Max Gazzè,Piero Pelù,Enzo Avitabile,Peppe Servillo,"Daniele Sepe,Tuxedomoon,Paola Turci, Cristina Donà,Riccardo Tesi,Maurizio Geri,Cristiano Godano,Simone Cristicchi,Petra Magoni,Teresa De Sio,Mario Venuti,Marina Rei,Morgan,Carmen Consoli.

Cisco, ex singer Modena City Ramblers, collaborating on the studio albums La lunga notte and Il mulo and touring with him in 2006 together with fellow musicians Francesco Magnelli (ex CSI and PGR) and Massimo Giuntini (ex Modena City Ramblers). He plays on singer-songwriter Bugo’s album Sguardo contemporaneo, an artistic production by Giorgio Canali. He works on Alessandro Benvenuti’s studio album Capodiavolo 01, produced by Arlo Bigazzi for Materiali Sonori, and plays in the live theater production as well. He plays with Riccardo Tesi and Maurizio Geri on the live project Sopra i tetti di Firenze (Above Florence’s rooftops). He collaborates with brothers Marino and Sandro Severini of The Gang.



Cantierranti (Songs along the way). In 2010 he’s part of the show Cantierranti, with Enrico Fink (vocals, flute), Anna Granata (vocals), Yacouba Dembelè and Djeli-Kan (vocals, flute, djembè, balafon), Ruben Chaviano Fabian (violin), Vittorio Catalano (sax, shawm, flutes), Mino Cavallo (guitars, cuatro),Arlo Bigazzi (bass, bass balalaika), Marzio Del Testa (drums and percussion) and with the participation of Giampiero Bigazzi (electronics, vocals). All musicians historically tied to the Record Label Materiali Sonori.

The Gang. In 2014, the two Severini brothers go back to a recording studio after 14 years for their first album of unpublished/unreleased songs, Sangue e Cenere (Blood and Ashes) produced by Jono Manson. The money for this album is raised through a crowdfunding project that obtains a skyrocketing 917% of the required sum. A completely renewed band is presented for the occasion: Marzio Del Testa (drums, percussion),Charlie Cinelli (electric bass guitar, double bass) and Jono Manson (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, tenor guitar, chorus, piano, Wurlitzer electric piano) and with the collaboration of Jason Crosby (piano, violin, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer electric piano),John Egenes (mandolin, mandocello, banjo, pedal steel, lap steel, “suggins”), Brant Leeper (Hammond organ, accordion), Garth Hudson (accordion), Eric Ambel (electric guitar), Char Rothschild (accordion, bagpipes, bombard, tin whistle, trumpet) and Robbie Rothschild (Kora) of The Round Mountain, Craig Dreyer (tenor sax), Barry Danielian (trumpet), Clark Gayton (trombone), Dave Devlin (lap steel, mandolin, tenor guitar, mandocello), Justin Bransford (double bass), Mark Clark (percussion), Stefano Barotti, Hillary Smith and David Berkeley (chorus). Part of the recordings took place in the United States, though Sandro and Marino never had to move.



In 2004, Critics Award at the Premio Ciampi in Livorno with Ceramiche Lineari, that same year, with Compagnia della Fortezza, the prestigious Premio UBU for best play of the year. In 2005 with Stazioni Lunari, Special Award at Faenza’s Meeting_Etichette_Indipendenti. 




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